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What I Do

I m a Motion designers, keen to study the combination of multi-media, Explore video of the space environment and its depth of the relationship, Areas of work include: multi-media stage, video, Visual music, interactive Installation, Are working and living in Beijing. (动态影像设计师 热衷于研究多种媒介的结合 探索影像与其所处环境的空间深度关系 活跃领域包括:舞台多媒体、动态影像、Visual music、互动装置 , 现工作生活于北京)


Who I Am

My name is Li Jing, born in 1983, because of too many descriptions, and the layout is too small, please download the PDF document detailss :p


My Work

Here is a selection of a part of my works , I will be adding new works later , click on the picture to watch the video.

Contact me

Email : lijing010@Gmail.com
Tel : +86 136 8308 6410
Weixin : Myvying123
Address : Beijing , Fengyi bridges , Automall technology incubation square room 2040